Good News for all Friends of DDC-TV:

Our new season is in the works!

During the past several months, our chief reporter Dennis R.D. Mascarenhas and his crew have researched numerous interesting stories in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. What they have found is nothing short of astounding!

Here’s a preview of what’s in store for the new season:

Ancient Knowledge about the Moon
Germany re-discovers long-lost knowledge from the distant past: chief reporter Mascarenhas meets a moonlight hairdresser, drinks full moon beer, and performs moon exercises with bestselling author Johanna Paungger.
From the Externstein to Helgoland:
Pre-historic Germany was marked by an advanced culture ancient Egyptians could only dream of. It was linked to the legendary Atlantis.
Chemtrails - The New Health Hazard!
Europeans are coming around and taking up arms against the systematic poisoning of the air. But who’s behind it all? And what can we do about it?
Did Hitler Secretly Build UFOs?
As a large German newspaper recently asked. Chief reporter Mascarenhas investigates the matter and meets, among others, Rainer Feistle, who has flown with such “UFOs” to the planetary system Aldebaran.
666 – Satan’s Bid for Power
Dark forces strive to control the world and force the satanic number 666 upon us. Only those who see through this scheme, like bestselling Swiss author Armin Risi, can protect themselves.
Free Energy
Does it really exist – inexhaustible space energy? Traditional science says no, and would prefer to see dissenters sent to the madhouse. But many people know better. They are researching (like Austrian Wolfgang Wiedergut) with spirals or collecting space energy in Orgone accumulators.